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Femme Elite - 3-IN-1 TENS, EMS & PFS - Manufacturer Refurbished*

£59.95 £39.95 (Exc VAT)
(You save £20.00)

Product Description

The fabulous Femme Elite is designed for all your feminine needs. Using the latest technology, this 3-in-1, pre-set unit can be used for pelvic floor stimulation (PFS), pain relief (TENS) and muscle toning (EMS).

The Femme Elite is tiny, lightweight and discreet. It can be carried in your handbag or worn under your clothes without anyone knowing! The Femme Elite is completely drug free meaning there are no nasty side effects, allowing you to live life to the full.

PFS - How will the Femme Elite help me?
The Femme Elite is designed to stimulate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for you. It has 3 PFS programmes, each treating a different type of incontinence. The internal probe supplied will ensure you are stimulating the correct area. The Femme Elite works like an internal muscle toner to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in greater bladder control.

TENS - How can the Femme Elite help my pain?
The Femme Elite is specifically designed to help with pains associated with women. It has 4 different TENS programmes, each designed for a common pain condition such as period pain or back pain.

EMS - How will the Femme Elite help me improve my figure?
The Femme Elite is commonly used after childbirth to recover and build the abdominal muscles. It has 3 different EMS programmes, each a specifically designed exercise programme for the muscle groups women tend to want to treat e.g. abdominal and thigh muscles.

Features and Benefits

  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles - 3 PFS modes
  • TENS for pain relief - 4 TENS modes
  • EMS for muscle stimulation- 3 EMS modes
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Recommended by Professionals
  • Value for money

What's Included?

  • Elite vaginal probe
  • 1 x Wireless Electrodes
  • Instructions
  • 1 x Leadwire
  • 1 x Lubricant gel sachet
  • Soft pouch
  • 1 x Lithium battery

Technical details

Output Channel: Single Channel Digital TENS
Display Digital LCD
Output Waveform Biphasic rectangular
TENS Programme

TENS 1 Freq. / Pulse Width : 80Hz / 125μs.

TENS 2 Freq. / Pulse Width : 2 Hz / 200μs.

TENS 3 Burst 2pps; Freq. / Pulse Width : 80 Hz / 150μs.

TENS 4 (Dense Disperse)

            3 secs @ 80Hz with 100μs.

            3 secs @ 2 HZ with 200μs.

EMS Programme

Programme     Freq. (Hz)     P.W.(μs)      On Time(s)      Off Time(s)     Ramp On(s)     Ramp Off (s)

EMS 1             50                125             4                     3                   1                    N/A

EMS 2             50                150             5                     5                   1                    N/A

EMS 3             30                 200            N/A                  N/A               3                    3

PFS Programme

Programme Output Frequency / Duration

PELV 1                    PELV 2                      PELV 3

5Hz / 3mins            10Hz / 5mins             MIXED

10Hz / 5mins          35Hz / 5mins             10Hz / 10mins

15Hz / 5mins          50Hz / 10mins            20Hz / 5mins

20Hz / 5mins          35Hz / 5mins              30Hz / 5mins

15Hz / 5mins          10Hz / 5mins              40Hz / 5mins

10Hz / 5mins          Total time = 30mins    50Hz / 10mins

5Hz / 2mins                                             40Hz / 5mins

Total time = 30mins                                 30Hz / 5mins

                                                              20Hz / 5mins

                                                              10Hz / 10mins

                                                              Total time = 60mins

Safety Automatic 5 minutes power Off
Battery  1 x Lithium Battery

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