3-In-1 COMBO+ - Electrotherapy Machine with Body Map

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Product Overview

The 3-in-1 COMBO+ features incredible body mapping technology! This premium unit boasts TENS, EMS and MASSAGE modes, with pre-set programs precisely chosen for optimum electrotherapy. Simply choose the body part you would like to treat and the 3-in-1 COMBO Plus will provide the ideal programs to relieve your pain; tone your muscles; or massage your body.

It is packed with unbeatable power and functionality with a total of 22 programs.

This unit has customer satisfaction at its core, you will not be disappointed!

Features and Benefits

  • Body Map
  • 10 TENS Programs
  • EMS Programs 
  • Massage Programs
  • Dual Channel - Treats 2 areas
  • Large Digital Display
  • Timer Function
  • Memory Settings
  • 40 levels of intensity
  • Easy to use

What's Included?

  • FREE Digital Download An Easy Guide to EMS (Hard copy available for just £1.00)
  • Pack of 4 electrodes
  • Pack of 4 Body Clock Silver 50x50mm electrodes
  • Instructions
  • 2 Leadwires
  • 3 x AAA Batteries


Technical details

Intensity 0 to 40 Levels Adjustable 
Pulse Rate 2Hz-120Hz
Treatment Modes


TENS (10 PROGRAMS): P.W (Pulse Width) - 50µs-250µs
P.R (Pulse Rate) - 2-120Hz (Hz=vibration per second)
Treatment Time - 5-90 minutes

P.W (Pulse Width) - 150µs-200µs
P.R (Pulse Rate) - 4-80Hz (Hz=vibration per second)
Treatment Time - 5-90 minutes

P.W (Pulse Width) - 100µs-250µs
P.R (Pulse Rate) - 25-100Hz (Hz=vibration per second)
Treatment Time - 30 minutes

Channels Dual Channel
Waveform Biphasic Square-Wave Pulse
Voltage Max. 120mA (at 500Ω load)
Timer (mins) Continuous, 5-90 minutes (see above)
Auto Power Off 1 Minute
Battery 4.5V D.C., 3 x AAA batteries
Output Precision ±20% error is allowed for all output parameters
Classification BF type applied part, internal power equipment IP22
Battery Low Detect 2.2V±0.2V
Weight / Size 70g (without batteries), H:109mm x W:545mm x D:23mm
Operating Conditions 5° C to 40° C with a relative humidity of 15%-93%, atmospheric pressure from 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
Storage Conditions -10° C to 55° C with a relative humidity of 10%-95%, atmospheric pressure from 700 hPa to 1060 hPa

Warranty Information

1 Year Guarantee Your 3-In-1 COMBO+ unit is guaranteed for a period of 1 year against manufacturer’s defects. The guarantee does not include leads, electrodes or batteries. Applies to purchases only.