Manual Archive

If you are looking for an archived older manual, they are available for download here.  If you want the latest manual,please visit the relevant product page.


Product  Manual
1st Choice EMS  Nov 2007 v1
Classic TENS  Dec 2016 v1
Easy TENS  March 2017 v1
Elle TENS  October 2017 v3m
Flexi TENS  July 2006 v1
iTENS  December 2016 v1
Obi TENS Plus  July 2017 v1
Profile TENS  Undated
Profile TENS  Undated
Profile EMS  May 2006 v1
Sensatone  Mar 2017 v1
Sensatone for Men  October 2012 v1  
Sensatone for Men  July 2016 v2
Smart TENS  November 2006 v1
Smart TENS  August 2012 v2
Stimplus Pro  September 2012 v1
Electromagnetic Addendum  Undated