iTENS - Revolutionary Wireless Bluetooth TENS Machine!


Product Overview


iTENS - Revolutionary Wireless Bluetooth TENS Machine!

The Body Clock iTENS is a revolutionary bluetooth enabled wireless TENS unit that works with your iPhone or Android device. The Body Clock iTENS works by sending tiny electrical signals through the skin to intercept and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain and helps release endorphins, the body’s natural pain-fighting chemical. Perfect for treating acute and chronic pain conditions such as backache, shoulder pain, tennis elbow and much more. 

Features and Benefits:

    • Works with iPhone or android devices
    • Treats acute and chronic muscle and joint pain
    • Small and discreet!
    • 24 hours use per charge
    • Fast acting, long lasting 

Supplied With:

    • iTENS Device
    • 2 x Peel-n-Stick Adhesive Gel Pads
    • 1 x iTENS Electrode Large Wing
    • 1 x iTENS Charging Station
    • User Manual & Quick Start Guide




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