SensaProbe+ with Contraction Indicator

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Product Overview

The SensaProbe+ with contraction indicator is a revolutionary internal, vaginal probe with customer satisfaction its primary purpose. When fitted the contraction indicator signals the current strength or weakness of your pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, the contraction indicator monitors the performance of your pelvic floor stimulation. Perfect for keeping track of your progress.

This probe is compatible with the Elle TENS+ and other pelvic floor stimulators. For the SensaTONE you may need to purchase a separate leadwire to make it compatible with this probe.

Please see: Leadwire for the Flexi/Easy TENS (Single).


Features and Benefits

  • An extremely lightweight construction.
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort during use.
  • Extra large conductive area to ensure maximum stimulation.
  • Fully sealed unit to aid and simplify the cleaning and sterialising procedure.
  • 2mm dial universal socket and soft, flexible cable.
  • Soft curved shape to assist insertion and comfort.